If you are looking for a personal trainer in the Ocala area look no further! We are the most educated, professional and well equipped personal training company in the area. With unmatched quality and results for our clients we are, Ocala’s premiere personal training company.

We Offer:

* A first class gym

* Only certified Personal Trainers

* Two people can split the cost

* No charge for gym membership, supplements and diets.

* We come to you

When Body Bus LLC  started we wanted to create a way for you to get a workout experience above any other, at a better price and still make it more convenient than a regular gym. In fact, we wanted to dismiss the same old excuses; such as no time, gas is too expensive, or I’ll sign up and never use it. Body Bus LLC has takes this out of the equation.

The Body Bus is the best mobile gym in the country.  No expense was spared here. Our goal was to have each bus staffed by two of the most highly certified trainers to give you the workout you deserve, wherever you want it, and we have done just that.   We can train up to two people at a time on The Body Bus, so create your own two person group and split the cost amongst yourselves. Whether you are one or two people the cost remains the same. We strive to add life to your years, and years to your life. Your first workout is FREE so call today!


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