Home Gym Design
Contact us by any means listed on the contact page or leave a comment below if you’re interested in building a gym for your home or office. We will sit down with you to discuss your goal and budget to create a gym that you have access to 24 hours a day.

Online Diet and Nutrition
Online meal planning is an easy way to help hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals. Each month after an initial phone consultation we will devise a unique meal plan for the month that will work with your lifestyle. At the beginning of each month you will receive a new plan after a consultation over the phone. We will help you take the guess-work out of eating right.

Meal planning includes:
– new meal plans every month
– a 30 minute phone consultation around the first of the month
– 24hr support via email

Corporate Wellness
Body Results, Inc . wants to show you how a corporate wellness program not only benefit’s the employee but also the employer. With a number of different option for you to choose from we have what you need to get the most out of your company while help keeping the workplace injury free and healthier. Whether it is preventive maintenance, weight loss or just over all better health and wellbeing you will experience it all with the Body Results, Inc. corporate wellness program.

Healthy Employees Build Healthy Companies
Our goal at Body Results, Inc. is to help your company reach its’ fullest potential, by keeping your employees happy and healthy.

Our innovative approach to wellness combines the cutting edge of approach of today’s most effective workouts with a preventive maintenance philosophy that will save your company money by keeping your employees happy and injury free.

Our services at Body Results Inc. are perfect for any company interested in:

  • Preventing workplace injury
  • Reducing employee stress and turnover
  • Improving performance
  • Saving time and money
  • Providing cutting edge services to your employees
  • Providing new and exciting ways to attract and keep top quality employees

Benefits to you, the Employer
The Body Results program ensures a high level of employee participation, is easy to administer, and elevates the health and wellness of your employees.
Our program does not deliver incompatible services at the current employee culture, but leads the culture to a new level of health awareness that can improve and save their lives.

At Body Results, an employee’s level of wellness is not a guess; rather a comprehensive, non-invasive Employee Wellness Assessment.

Low Cost Entry
You are paying for a time block. Simply divide that block of time up between the employees that will be participating in the program.

Improved Productivity
Your company has the potential to benefit through higher productivity, decreased health cost, decreased absenteeism, as well as happier and healthier employees.

Benefits to your Employees
The Body Results program is so complete, so innovative and so effective, employees could start living a healthier lifestyle today!

Improved Self Esteem and High Utilization
The results of the Body Results assessment are so unique to the individual that employees are empowered by the attention to their specific needs. They feel validated and their self-esteem improves. They commit to program success.

Confidential and Easy to Follow
While group reporting will be available to the employer, results for the individual employee will be confidential.

Participation is Contagious and Fun!
Different divisions of your company can compete against each other for prizes.