Portable Commercial Gym

PCGs – Portable Commercial Gyms
A cost-effective way for a Personal Trainer to own their own personal training studio for a fraction of the cost of renting or purchasing elsewhere.  Tired of only working for a percentage of what the gym charges? Open your own facility today and reap the benefit!  Get your turn-key PCG today.

PCG’s are also the newest solution to creating a healthier environment in the workplace.  Having a gym on site for your employees increase productivity, keeps sick days to a minimal and makes your company stand out from others. Each PCG is a self-contained gym offering free weights, cardio, strength training and aerobic equipment to the customer. Each gym is designed to work with your current electric power source but back up commercial generators are also included

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Financing is available with little or no money down!
-own yours today for about $500.00 per month

available for movie sets and other events on a weekly or monthly basis

rentals include:
-drop off and pick up
-monthly service and oil changes
-stocked each month with cleaning supplies

One thought on “Portable Commercial Gym

  1. Wanted to say what a great concept and product! Our employees have used your PCG almost every day since we purchased it! Not only do they appreciate having a gym at our plant but also the fact that we care enough about them to try this out. We look foward to the future in better health!

    Steve Hale
    CEO, LC Technologies

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