Barbara Purvis

I have known John for many years and was always impressed by his workouts and what good shape he was in. After many years of different trainers and diets with no results, my husband asked John if he could help me out. Well I had an appointment with John and that was the beginning of a whole new life. After six months my life has took a turn for the better, I have lost weight and inches, I have more strength, more energy, and a whole new outlook on life. I have gained alot of muscle in my arms and back,and my stomach is flat for the first time since I was in school and I am 51 years old. I have learned how, what, and when to eat. I have confidence and feel better than I ever have. I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer I won’t be hiding behind the towel. John is always there when I need to ask him about a move or about my eating plan. I just have so much strength now ,I go for the big weights and don’t whimp out. Thanks John for all you do for me, I only wish I could have started sooner but to quote a friend ” It’s never too late”.