Mark O’Connell

I started working out with John Yule and the Body Bus in May 2009. In 4 months I lost 10% of my starting body weight. Although I am in my mid-50’s, I was able to return to the waist size I had during my 20’s and . John’s workout program, coupled with his advice for my off days, along with nutritional guidance helped me increase my bodys metabolism and keep weight off. On top of that, I feel great. Most importantly, all of my cholesterol numbers dropped significantly and my Doctor stopped urging me to go on Lipitor. You can’t get better than that! I enjoy my time on “The Bus” and, although I am soon to start my 3rd year with John, it is still fresh and exciting. I had never been able to keep an exercise program going for more than about 3 months. It helps to have your “gym” pull up to your house on a regular schedule!