Max Blessing

After 15 sessions, I’ve had the most improvement over my years… I am 10 years old and have been trying since I was 6 years old on my own! John has been conditioning me for agility, strength and speed. I want to play football. Healthy food information makes me energetic like molecules in boiling water. Perfectionist on form trainer, Mr. John, helps me set goals as high as the sky. Making it fun with sprinting football routes, lifting tires and flipping 4 foot 55 pound logs make strength training my sport. Seeing muscle indention lines all over me make me push harder. I workout with one of my best friends that is 8 inches taller than me makes me jump higher, run harder and lift with more fluency. One thing I most improved on is leg press because I started at 50 pounds and now am at 155 pounds! No matter what age you are, Mr. John takes you in as his client… it’s never too early to start.