I started in the gym at age 68, John was 16. I now compete on the national level and John is a knowledgeable trainer. Over the years we have worked together, I have made great gains. We still find time to workout together. Visit my website at http://www.poweralston.com

William R. alston

After 15 sessions, I’ve had the most improvement over my years… I am 10 years old and have been trying since I was 6 years old on my own! John has been conditioning me for agility, strength and speed. I want to play football. Healthy food information makes me energetic like molecules in boiling water. Perfectionist on form trainer, Mr. John, helps me set goals as high as the sky. Making it fun with sprinting football routes, lifting tires and flipping 4 foot 55 pound logs make strength training my sport. Seeing muscle indention lines all over me make me push harder. I workout with one of my best friends that is 8 inches taller than me makes me jump higher, run harder and lift with more fluency. One thing I most improved on is leg press because I started at 50 pounds and now am at 155 pounds! No matter what age you are, Mr. John takes you in as his client… it’s never too early to start.

Max Blessing

I have known John for over a year now and we share the same goals with our fitness. My stubborn issue has always been legs. I just cannot get the size I want no matter what I do or how hard I train. I have been doing Sunday leg workouts with John for about six weeks and for the first time I am seeing gains that I never thought I would see. The training is intense but that is what it takes to succeed. Thanks John for all you do for me….you know your stuff.

Dave Oliver

I have been working out with John since 2007. When he started the Body Bus I was on board!
I am 66 years old and have never been in such good shape. I have so much more stamina
and energy. Rode my bike over 22 miles on New Years Day! Wish I had started a regular training
program years ago…but its never too late.

Barbara Rossi

I have always enjoyed exercise. However, working 10 to 12 hours per day made it very difficult to establish a consistent exercise routine. I then began working out with John about 2 years ago. He shows up at my office “rain or shine” and whether I am feeling “good or bad.” As a result of utilizing John’s services I have not missed a workout in 2 years! I am very pleased with the results. Also, the Body Bus is more than a gym. John has helped me formulate a nutrition plan to compliment the workouts by increasing muscle and decreasing fat. I highly recommend John to anyone with a busy schedule or for that person who has trouble “sticking with it” after a few months of joining a gym.

Victor J. Musleh, Jr.

I have been training with John for about 10 months now. His training techniques are individualized and bring fast results. I was never that over weight but just wanted to tone up.I have lost a total of 20 lbs and have gained a great amount of endurance and stamina. Not only did he expand my knowledge with weight training but, but also taught me everything I needed to know about eating healthy. When I do a workout without John people in the gym come to me thinking I am a trainer there! I have a busy schedule and it is hard to prepare my food, but he took the time to come up with a diet to fit “my” personal needs and it has worked out great! He takes a wholistic approach and aggressively touches every aspect of living a healthy life. I am in my best shape ever and would greatly recommend John to anyone who wants to see great results in the New Year.

DeAnna May

I started working out with John approximately 3 months ago and definitely plan to continue. He is very professional, encouraging, and working with him is enjoyable. Over the past 30 years, I have joined and worked out at almost every gym that has come to Ocala; I usually start strong, but then start finding excuses not to go that day, with John, it is a no brainer. He comes to your home or wherever you have agreed to meet at the appointed time; he is always very punctual and ready to work, complete with a big smile. I have lost over 20 pounds and 2 pants sizes. At 60 years old, I never thought I would ever have a 6 pack again, but with John and 3 months of dedicated workouts, I already have a 2 pack and am working on the next 4. No matter what your age or physical condition, I would recommend John and “The Body Bus”, without any reservations, for your health and future.

Krishna Rao, MD

I am 38 years old and a mother of three small children. Today I am healthier and feel sexier than I did in my 20’s. Health and wellness has always been important to me but I had hit a plateau a few years ago. I thought a personal trainer could help me meet my goals. John has been my trainer now for two years. He is extremely knowledgable and has guided my nutritional plans to my individual needs. John makes each session challenging, fun and educational. The fact that his bus comes right to my house has taken away all my excuses. I walk away from each session with not just a great workout… I feel strong which is so empowering for a woman!

Amy Blessing

I started training with John roughly a year ago.

The experience has been a great one for me. In addition to learning a lot about nutrition, weightlifting, and exercise in general, I also discovered how enjoyable being healthier could be.

Although I lost 40lbs working with John, I wouldn’t define the entire experience by just a number. The success is, in my view, that I’ve gained a working knowledge through my experience.

I’ve found John to be very professional, accommodating and knowledgeable. I’d highly recommend giving him a call and at least trying it out.

Dmitriy U.