Sara Sellers

Until recently, health and fitness was never a priority in my life. Because of this, I wasn’t overly familiar with any comprehensive workout routines or diet regimens. This made it incredibly intimidating for me to walk into a gym on my own. I’d heard many great things about the “Body Bus” that I’d always see driving around town, but have to admit that I was initially motivated to contact the company mostly out of vanity. Never did I think that I would also notice a bigger difference in my energy, strength, and endurance more then ever before!

After less then a couple of weeks worth of sessions with John, I’d already lost over nine inches and felt better then ever! My biggest worries committing myself to such a program are much the same as most other working class people- money, time, and fear. His sessions are more affordable then even most “straight out of school” trainers you see at franchise fitness centers. This is especially evident, considering he customizes your daily diet and nutrition plan on day one and provides you with the highest quality supplements in the industry. John will also customize his schedule to sync with your own, and comes straight to you. Most importantly, it’s clear to even the biggest skeptic that after only one session with him, he is undoubtedly an expert in his field. He is completely in tune with your physical needs and capabilities, in my case even more so then I was. He consistently pushes me more then I ever thought possible, but somehow never fails to make me walk out feeling on top of the world!

None of this goes without saying, though, how great of a personality he has day in and day out! He makes it a blast to work out, and is incredibly motivational… He is sincerely invested in your progress, and it becomes obvious how he uses it at his own motivation to quickly transform you into the best version of yourself. The Body Bus has made me look forward to actively do something that I used to cringe just thinking about.

I’ve met body builders and athletes that John trains, and always witnessed how highly they spoke of him both professionally and personally. I believe a true testiment of his ability, though, is how he can convert an average person like me with no health/fitness experience or knowledge and influence them to make an absolute life change, almost overnight!